Sunday, 10 December 2017

Christmas Carols

The Christmas tree lights in the Cathedral had their official turn on recently. The staff gather under the tree and the choristers sing a carol by candlelight.
This is a 2 minute video but the voices are so clear and magical I just had to share it with you. (Please excuse the people talking right at the start!) It's out of focus a lot I know but that doesn't affect the sound!

I took a photo afterwards,  trying to get in the whole tree. It wasn't til I looked at it later that I saw Father Christmas was there!!! He must have tiptoed in very quietly - but I think he's had some practise at that!!

On the crafting front I've nearly finished the knitted tunic for my great niece - just the sleeves to go. I'm not sure it's going to fit her mind...

And the 2 pairs of mittens have now had some shirring elastic added around the cuffs, so they have a better fit. I plan on getting plenty of wear out of them this winter. 

I bought a ball of the new variegated yarn cakes from James Brett this week and have started knitting a cowl. It's shaped so that as it gets longer you work decreases to give a better shape. This yarn is incredibly soft and should make a really cuddly cowl.
Isn't it a gorgeous colour?  It's shade number NL5. 

Well that's all I've got time for today.  Guess it must be a busy time of year...

See you again soon - and take care if you've had snow!   T  xx

Friday, 1 December 2017

More mittens!

So, following on from my pink mittens I made a red pair for my sister. I made them two stitches narrower across the palm than mine, and yet strangely, I still ran out of wool for both of them and had to buy another ball just to do the decrease and cast off row on each thumb. I'm not quite sure where I went wrong - although the red yarn wasn't quite as soft as the pink, even though it was the same brand so maybe that had something to do with it.  I made a little video so you can see the finger hole in action!

I dropped them off today and she just phoned - to say they're too big!!! They were just right on me... Lucky I was going to make myself another pair anyway! I'll have to measure her hands rather than assume they're the same as mine and make a third pair! Ah well, third time lucky maybe?!

That's all for today,  back again soon.  T xx

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Do you like mittens? They're one of those things that I like but at the same time they're a bit annoying because you don't have your fingers free. But on a day when you're walking, not shopping etc, I do rather like them. Especially on a really cold crisp day - there's  just something about them that says your fingers will be warmer than with gloves.
So yes, I like mittens - but I've never made my own before. I've yearned for a pair of hand knitted mittens for literally years. I'm perfectly capable of making them - I simply haven't.

But now I have!!! I found the most AWESOME baby alpaca from King Cole yarns for just £6 for 50g and I couldn't resist buying it.
I deliberated long and hard on what I could make with just one ball and decided to try the cowl that had been in last months Crochet Now magazine. It had a fabulous texture that reminded me of knitted double moss stitch that I really wanted to try on a cowl. Well, you know me - I had to adapt the pattern somewhat and when I got to the end of the ball of yarn I decided I just didn't like it as a cowl. Too soft, too floppy and the pattern made it want to curl over at the edge. So I had a rethink and decided to attempt the mittens I had always wanted.
I opted to combine a knitted cuff with a crocheted hand - and as ever, I made it up as I went along.... frogging the cowl as I went!

It took me a few goes to get a reasonable shape to the fingertip section but I did it - I even jotted down some very scrappy notes on the back of a ball band to remind me what to do on mitten number two!
I bought a second ball and made number two in one evening! I decided to leave a finger hole for my right index finger, so I can use my phone or camera without taking my mitten off. It looks a bit odd - almost like you've made a hole in your mitten, or like a buttonhole I suppose but it should do the job nicely.
(If you look closely you will see the tip of the thumb on the mitten with finger hole is a slightly different shade of pink. Yes, I lost at yarn chicken and had to cast off with a different length of yarn!)

I put a picture on Facebook when they were finished and one of my sisters immediately commented, saying could she buy a pair please! So I bought 2 more balls in a lovely dark red to make another pair.
I'll make them very slightly narrower though - firstly, so I don't run out of yarn again!  And secondly, because I think mine are going to need a little bit of shirring elastic around the cuff before too long. And I might even have a try at writing down the pattern properly. But don't hold your breath on that one!!

Want to see???

Tina's Allsorts, crochet mittens

Tina's Allsorts, crochet mittens

Tina'sAlllsorts, crochet mittens

Enjoy the rest of your week! T xx

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Shades of gold

The sky was the most perfect blue today but the wind! Boy, was the wind cold - blowing straight from the North Pole!! Brrrr!!!!

Driving home from the supermarket run I noticed the beech tree at the top of the hill was looking just STUNNING! We have a lot of beech trees in the neighbourhood - indeed, one of the school's I went to is called Beechwood School. We always have lots of local colour to enjoy at this time of year but with the wind doing its best to blow all the leaves off the trees,  I knew I had to go and snap a photo or two today - I won't see them in sunlight again until next Saturday and that may be too late.

So straight after lunch I walked back up the hill with my camera to try and capture the best of the colour.

I love to see the lush, vibrant green along with the shades of gold and copper. 
I carried on round the corner towards the infant school I went to Many years ago! I often played in the woods just outside the school as a child - you could then - and saw these trees.

They used to have bushes around them and we had a cosy den inside!  But the bushes are gone now and the trees are much bigger! 

Seeing these colours today makes me think about making a blanket in autumn colours. I've been pondering about it for a while and it turns out so has Lucy of Attic24 (I'm her greatest fan!). She's about to "release" an autumn colour yarn pack, which I think I might be ordering!!! But what pattern shall I do? There are so many I want to try! Maybe I'll do two at once again??

I hope you managed to enjoy some sunshine today,  wherever you are in the world. Till next time,  T  xXx